2018/2019 Direct Giving Campaign


Fundraising Update

Thanks to your generosity we have been able to purchase items for the following areas:

Dramatic Play-shaving kit, play accessories for the housekeeping areas, Imaginext Space Station, additional dollhouse figures
Building-Snap Bots and additional Kepla Blocks with building cards
Listening- Headphones
Light Table Materials-translucent dominoes, bugs, letters, counters and math trays, 3 D Builders, a mirror center
Sensory- Water Table
Art -Kwix Stixs Tempera paint sticks
Fine Motor-classroom kits that contain various size eyedroppers, tongs, tweezers, hole punches, loop scissors, wind up toys, beads, nuts and bolts, putty and more
Music-school-wide set of jingle bells for Chapel
Storage-containers, bulletin board storage, big book storage
Staff Development Titles-
A Joyful Journey to Literacy
Assessing Mathematical Learning
Building Spaces, Finding Words-Creating the Context for Positive Discipline
How Children Build Their Understanding of Numbers
Math in Early Childhood
Multi-Sensory Learning Experiences
Supportive Social Learning
Nature Swap: Art Tools Go Green
Block Play: It's Not Just for Boys Anymore
Brain Development: Seeing and Supporting Children's Active Bodies and Minds
Guiding Early Language and Literacy Development
Teaching Children to Become Writers
Once Upon A Story
Classrooms as the Root of Challenging Behavior
Preparing Parents for Change
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